Dental Implants

DENTAL IMPLANTS are an option  for replacing teeth.  DENTAL IMPLANTS  are utilized to offer patients a foundation for new restorative teeth where natural teeth are missing or have been extracted.  They are an alternative to  permanent bridgework or to removable teeth. 

DENTAL IMPLANTS  are also used as a means of securing dentures  without using any dental adhesives.

The tooth has two main section, the root and the crown.  The root is the section of the tooth that is below the gumline. When the tooth is lost the implant acts as it's replacement. 

The first step of the procedure is surgical placememt of a titanium implant.  Using local dental anesthesia the dental implant is placed into the jawbone.  There is not significant discomfort with this procedure.  The implant is left untreated usually for 4 to 6 months.  During this time the bone will grow around the implant in a process called osseointegration.  

The last step is to attach a crown to the tooth after it has been reevaluated for it's integrity.